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Based on the RC4 V2 platform, RGT team redesigns and upgrades V2 into V3 version. Thus, the RGT Cruiser RC4 V3 is a new and better off-road crawler with higher performance.

Compared to RC4 V2 version in structure, not only retaining the original features, such as the integrated chassis rail, the steel solid link, all bearing, precise universal transmission and adjustable oil shock, the RC4 V3 also adds the following features: the more powerful one-piece axle housing design; the removable axle cover and the gear inside the diff change into metal material; the bigger steering angle which could reach 45 degrees maximum; positive Ackerman angle. Besides, the battery tray mounted in front will prevent V3 from rollover when climbing.

RC4 V3 uses a custom-made and multi-functional electronic part, which gets the ESC, LED light control and receive function together and jointly developed by Fly Sky and Hobby Wing for RC4 V3. We believe that the quality and use effect of this custom part is guaranteed, as it is designed by two famous brands in the model industry.

In terms of appearance, RC4 V3 has chosen an off-road vehicle with a relatively historical brand. The hidden front body post and the flip body make the surface undamaged and more beautiful, and easily replace the battery. With the added body accessories, such as front and rear bumper, air grill, snorkel, rear-view mirror, wiper, roof rack, etc., the RC4 V3 shows more realistic and awesome. Also, RC4 V3 is equipped with multifunctional light set with angel eyes and front and rear turning signals. More, the all-new beadlock wheel with a spare tire is another important design point.


Length: 465mm (18.13in)
Width: 215mm (8.36in)
Height: 230mm (8.97in)
Wheelbase: 255mm (9.95in)
Ground Clearance: 68mm (2.65in)
Gear Ratio: 88:1
wheel: 19” 100*38mm (3.9*1.48in)
Weight: 1.94KG
Motor: RC 390
Servo: 6KG
ESC: HW-711
Transmitter: 2.4GHz
Battery: Ni-Mh 7.2V 1500mAh

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